What is a permeameter ?

what is a permeameter

determination of the permeability equation

Permeameters measure the flow of fluid through a porous medium, and in turn are able to calculate the permeability of that medium. Both flow rate and permeability are determined by a number of factors: pressure gradient (inlet versus outlet pressure) across the sample, media thickness, viscosity of the fluid and cross-sectional area.

Thus, in a medium of known cross-sectional area (A), thickness (l) and viscosity (m), measurement of the fluid flow rate (F) and pressure gradient (Dp) by the permeameter will allow precise determination of the permeability of that medium (k), as detailed in the equation to your left

In addition to standard gaseous or liquid permeameters, microflow and diffusion variants are tasked with determining very minute gaseous or vapour permeabilities through porous media. Vapour transmission rates and humidity gradients can be calculated in these settings with dedicated vapour transmission analysers.

Depending on the needs of each specific application, permeameters can come equipped with various modifications including multiple sample chambers (or chambers for unusually-shaped samples), cut-fee operation, ‘in-plane’ permeability and adaptation for strong chemicals, high temperatures or pressures.