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Meritics – Pore Size and More

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This month I would just like to pause and reflect on the important contribution of Meritics ( to making pore size instruments, advice and support so easily available. This particle and material characterisation specialist supplies and advises upon products from a variety of leading instrument manufacturers, which means it can always be counted upon for an independent view. Continue reading Meritics – Pore Size and More

Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer

Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer - from PMI

The Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer from PMI is a unique instrument which allows pore size, gas permeability and flow rate to be measured without subjecting samples to the potentially harmful effects of high pressures, extreme temperatures or toxic substances. Continue reading Capillary Condensation Flow Porometer

Fuel Cell Porometer

Fuel cell

Designed for use by manufacturers of fuel cell components, Meritics considers the Fuel Cell Porometer from PMI to be an exceptionally versatile instrument. Its fully automated analysis includes measurement of pore ‘throat’ diameters, the size distribution of the pores, the mean diameter of the flow pores and the surface area – or envelope surface area – of the through pores. It can also be used to determine the material’s liquid and gas permeability. Continue reading Fuel Cell Porometer