Porous Materials, Inc.

PMI bldg

You will probably have noticed that a number of the porometers, permeameters and porosimeters described on this website have been designed and manufactured by PMI – Porous Materials, Inc. This is hardly surprising, as these instruments, which are highly recommended by Meritics, have proved very popular with a wide variety of users. Today I thought I would have a look at the background of PMI.

PMI’s instruments are at the forefront when it comes to characterising porous materials in terms of: porosity; diameter, volume and surface area of pores; liquid and gas permeability; density; and integrity.

As well as supplying scientific instruments for these purposes, PMI provides a range of consultation and testing services aimed at developing and delivering customised solutions to every porosity characterisation and analytical need.

The company, based in New York, was founded in 1978 by Dr Krishna Gupta. Its original specialism was the development and manufacture of sophisticated, fully automated porosimeters which were used in determining pore volume.

Today it is a much larger business which holds many US and international patents for technological advances in pore structure characterisation. In addition to porometers and permeameters its products include intrusion and extrusion porosimeters, BET/Sorptometers and Pycnometers. In fact it makes more than thirty different standard instruments, along with many custom versions.

PMI has always tried to lead the field in terms of innovation, technological refinement and development of new approaches to meeting users’ needs. That quest continues to be centred at its US base, whose state-of-the-art building includes PMI’s own conference and demonstration facilities.

PMI has a sister company, APP (Advanced Pressure Products), which makes automated pneumatic and hydraulic pressure and flow control systems, microprocessor-controlled valves, pressure regulators, gauge calibration systems and pressure cycling testers, along with a variety of customised systems.

In Europe, PMI and APP customers are served by PMIAPP Europe. That service includes custom design of instruments to meet particular pore size and other characterisation needs, as well as sample testing, training and consultation.

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