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This month I would just like to pause and reflect on the important contribution of Meritics ( to making pore size instruments, advice and support so easily available. This particle and material characterisation specialist supplies and advises upon products from a variety of leading instrument manufacturers, which means it can always be counted upon for an independent view.

The company was started in 2003 and has grown into a major source of knowledge and help on all aspects of characterising particles and materials. In addition to its support relating to work on porous substances, you may well have heard of Meritics in relation to particle sizing and counting – of which you can learn more via the Coulter Counter ( and dynamic light scattering ( websites.

But that is nowhere near the full extent of Meritics’ expertise. Essentially, whatever types of material you are interested in characterising – including powders, aerosols, emulsions, suspensions, liquids, solids and films – and whatever you want to know about them, the particle characterisation team at Meritics will find you the ideal methods and equipment to meet your precise needs.

When it comes to pores, Meritics particularly recommends the range of porometers, permeameters and porosimeters developed by PMI. These leading-edge instruments are designed to investigate all aspects of a substance’s porous nature, including the numbers, distributions, diameters, volumes and surface areas of its pores, the integrity of the material, and its permeability to liquid and gas.

In addition to supplying the appropriate products and methods in every case, Meritics provides a range of services that includes helpline responses, maintenance contracts and instrument training, as well as field-based engineers and technical support. It also has a laboratory to assist in application and method development.

Along with the stock of products for sale, Meritics can hire instruments to customers who have short-term or seasonal particle characterisation needs to meet. Another option available is Meritics’ team of skilled laboratory staff, who can actually carry out characterisation work on the customer’s behalf.

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