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Porometer, Permeameter or Porosimeter?

Depending on your application, characterisation of the porous nature of a material may require more than one instrument and method.

Our Pore Size blog covers three main types of equipment: porometers, permeameters and mercury porosimeters. A quick recap may be of help here. Continue reading Porometer, Permeameter or Porosimeter?

What is a permeameter ?

what is a permeameter

determination of the permeability equation

Permeameters measure the flow of fluid through a porous medium, and in turn are able to calculate the permeability of that medium. Both flow rate and permeability are determined by a number of factors: pressure gradient (inlet versus outlet pressure) across the sample, media thickness, viscosity of the fluid and cross-sectional area. Continue reading What is a permeameter ?