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Sample Testing Services

Sample testing

Before you set out to buy an instrument for characterisation of any material, the first question you should ask is what will be the most appropriate method to obtain the information needed. As well as developing and manufacturing a range of high-quality analytical equipment, including porometers, permeameters and porosimeters, PMI can advise on what techniques to use – and can even do the analysis for you. Continue reading Sample Testing Services

What Does a Permeameter Do?

PMI liquid permeameter

PMI liquid permeameter

When characterising the porous nature of a material we measure many aspects of pore size, but often we are also interested in the material’s permeability. This is, quite simply, a measurement of its ability to allow fluid to flow through it. We can determine permeability using a permeameter, of which many different varieties exist, and this is the topic I would like to dwell upon today. Continue reading What Does a Permeameter Do?

What Does a Porometer Measure?

What a porometer measures

The obvious answer to the question in the heading is pore size, but this would be a very short article if I left it at that. I’d like to do a quick recap on the variety of measurements and analytical circumstances in which the users of a porometer might be interested. Continue reading What Does a Porometer Measure?

Meritics – Pore Size and More

Meritics logo

This month I would just like to pause and reflect on the important contribution of Meritics ( to making pore size instruments, advice and support so easily available. This particle and material characterisation specialist supplies and advises upon products from a variety of leading instrument manufacturers, which means it can always be counted upon for an independent view. Continue reading Meritics – Pore Size and More

Porous Materials, Inc.

PMI bldg

You will probably have noticed that a number of the porometers, permeameters and porosimeters described on this website have been designed and manufactured by PMI – Porous Materials, Inc. This is hardly surprising, as these instruments, which are highly recommended by Meritics, have proved very popular with a wide variety of users. Today I thought I would have a look at the background of PMI. Continue reading Porous Materials, Inc.