Cartridge Bubble Point Tester

PMI cartridge bubble point tester

Straying just a little from the subject of pore size, but onto a topic that is relevant to many users of porometers and other pore characterisation instruments, my attention has been caught by a new product from PMI. It’s a cartridge bubble point tester…

It’s designed to solve a variety of problems that arise when testing filter cartridge media. Versatile, user-friendly and safe, it should make a welcome addition to the equipment currently available to the filter industry.

Among its key benefits is the ability to handle cartridges of many sizes, thanks to the versatility of its deep sample chambers, detachable head attachments and movable clamping heads.

Cartridges can be loaded and uploaded very easily, which means that tests can be carried out with great speed. They are simply loaded with the aid of two levers: a horizontal one for moving the clamping head to and fro, to adjust for the length of the cartridge, and a rotating one to lock the cartridges in place. Both of the sample chambers are equipped with these two levers, allowing rapid and high-volume testing.

The test procedure involves adding sufficient wetting liquid to cover the whole sample in the chamber. This is achieved automatically. Importantly, the rotation of the cartridge holder ensures that pore testing is carried out equally and evenly on all sides of the sample. The user can adjust the rotational speed as necessary.

After use, another automatic facility drains liquid from the chamber and pumps it to a storage tank from which the chamber can be refilled next time. For safety, the liquid’s vapour is continuously removed from the chamber by means of a ventilation fan. It is collected, removed and appropriately disposed of, ensuring that there is no possibility of inhalation by the user.