Cake Forming Porometer


If I say that today I’m going to talk about cake, you might think I’m deviating from the normal subject matter of the Pore Size website. However, cake actually has a vital role to play in the world of filtration, which in turn involves porometry. Not the kind of highly calorific cake that’s so often my downfall but the cake that forms on a filter’s surfaces.

I first came across this type of cake when working with filter cartridges for swimming pools. The cake is formed from particles trapped by the material of the filter medium. It starts as a thin layer but continues to build as more and more particles accumulate. This accumulation blocks or narrows an increasing proportion of the filter’s pores, thus increasing its effectiveness in preventing further particles from passing through. For those involved in developing filtration technology, the ability of filter fabrics to form and maintain a stable cake is crucial to the success of any new product.

Among the huge range of porometers from PMI, for many different specialised applications, there is a unique instrument which has been designed for those with an interest in cake: the cake forming porometer.

This porometer is able to create cakes on filtration media, in situ, and to allow the pore structure to be characterised and compared in the presence and absence of cake. Cake formation and porous structure characterisation can take place under widely varying test conditions, allowing cost-efficient research into the processes of filtration and helping to advance technological development in this area.

Unique features of this porometer include its three sample chambers for pore size distribution, cake forming and liquid permeability, as well as an inbuilt cleaning system that avoids clogging The porometer can form cakes under whatever pressures, flow rates and concentrations the user specifies.

Measurable pore structure characteristics include bubble point, mean flow pore diameter, pore distribution and liquid permeability – and thanks to full automation it is possible to achieve highly repeatable results with minimal input from the operator.cakeformingporometer_pic