Automated Filter Cartridge Tester

Automated Filter Cartridge Tester - PMI

Filter cartridges are used in many industries, and in all cases there is a need to be aware of – and measure – their porous characteristics, properties and capabilities for R&D and quality control reasons. Pore size and material characterisation specialist PMI has an Automated Filter Cartridge Tester which assesses these products quickly, accurately and non-destructively.

One area in which I often come across filter cartridges is in filtration of swimming pools and spas. Similar technology is applied to water purification for a variety of other purposes – among which, provision of healthy and safe drinking water is perhaps the most obvious.

Automotive, pharmaceutical, pollution control, sintered metal, nonwovens and filtration are just a few further examples of sectors in which filter cartridges have important applications.

As its name implies, the Automated Filter Cartridge Tester fully automates the process of analysing pore structure and functioning. It does so for whole cartridges of almost any shape or size, as its sample chamber is designed to accommodate diameters or lengths anywhere between a few inches and several feet.

Determination of through-pore characteristics is of particular interest in the development and testing of filtration media. Among other things, this instrument determines information on bubble point, mean pore size and distribution of pore size, along with the filter’s permeability – gas, liquid and Frazier – and integrity.

To achieve this, the cartridge is first of all wetted fully and inserted into the sample chamber, which is then sealed. The next step is to permit a flow of gas into the cartridge. The bubble point can be measured by recording the gas pressure at which capillary action of the fluid in the largest pore is overcome. The gas pressure then continues to be increased, and the flow continues to be measured, until the rest of the pores are emptied, leaving a dry filter cartridge.

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